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These shareholders do not have to pay income taxes on stock dividends when they receive them; instead, they are taxed when the investor sells them in the future. All accounts are reported on one of three financial statements. The balances of two of the five types of accounts—revenue and expenses—are reported on the income statement at the end of each accounting period. The summary number on the income statement is net income, which is revenue minus expenses.

The company received product or service and the vendor received cash. Closing entries are entered in the same journal that was used for the general entries during the month. The first closing entry is journalized right after the last general entry. Closing entries must be posted to the ledgers to impact the revenue, expense, and Retained Earnings account balances. The Retained Earnings account is not closed out; instead, revenue and expense accounts are closed out into it.

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Note that the company had several equity transactions during the year, and the retained earnings column corresponds to a statement of retained earnings. Companies may expand this presentation to include comparative data for multiple years. This format is usually supplemented by additional explanatory notes about changes in other equity accounts. In accounting, journalizing and posting transactions to the ledgers are done every day in the cycle. Financial statements are typically prepared only on the last day of the cycle.

Both amounts are posted to their respective ledgers, as is shown in the following example. If you’ve prepared this statement before, you’ll carry over the last period’s beginning balance. If this is your first statement of retained earnings, your starting balance is zero. In this article, we’ll provide the retained earnings formula and explain how to prepare a statement of retained earnings.

How to Calculate Retained Earnings?

The balance sheet will reflect the new par value and the new number of shares authorized, issued, and outstanding after the stock split. To illustrate, assume that Duratech’s board of directors declares a 4-for-1 common stock split on its $0.50 par value stock. Just before the split, the company has how to prepare a retained earnings statement 60,000 shares of common stock outstanding, and its stock was selling at $24 per share. The split causes the number of shares outstanding to increase by four times to 240,000 shares (4 × 60,000), and the par value to decline to one-fourth of its original value, to $0.125 per share ($0.50 ÷ 4).

retained earnings statement wileyplus

As was just stated, the typical accounting cycle is a year, a month, or perhaps a quarter. Once the current cycle is completed, the same recording and reporting activities are then repeated in the next period of time of equal length. Businesses usually publish a retained earnings statement on a quarterly and yearly basis.